Unknown Facts About Twins

Twins capital city

Candido Godoi a Brazilian town is known as the twin capital city of the world. According to a study, many women in the town carried the hyper-ovulation gene which is a major reason of inbreeding.

Long life with strong bond

According to studies, women who give birth to twins live longer than the one who don’t. It is because of the hyper-ovulation gene. And, same is with twins.


Separation at born

Twins who are separated at birth have been known to live merely similar lives, such as marrying people with the similar name, having the same profession, or having the same variety of pets.


Different complexions and physicality

Fraternal twins, especially those who have mixed-race parents, can appear dramatically with different skin tone and features that many don’t even believe that they’re related. These twin sisters are one such example.


Twin genetics

Ladies can inherit a gene that causes them to have twins. Women who hyper-ovulate or release multiple eggs have more chances of having fraternal twins. In the case of identical twins, there’s nothing that medical science have recognized that says this is hereditary.

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