Interesting Facts You Never Heard

Beetles are known by their affection for dung but there is another characteristic by which they are known is that they are the only insects that travel solely by stars.


Scientist after conducting the study over 200,000 ostriches for about 80 years witnessed that never a single ostrich is witnessed burying its head in the sand.


Every sound in this world produces echo effect. The sound repeats itself but the quacks of ducks sounds only once and does not echo and the reason of not echoing is unknown.


Whales are still found alive in the icy waters of Alaska. These whales are called “bowhead” and are found to be over 200 years old.


Every human once starts with one single cell or bacterium. Then, 30 minutes later the cell starts dividing and doubling itself and finally, grows up with 48 cell divisions.

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Written by Daisy

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