5 Real Alien Abduction Cases That Will Blow Your Mind

Travis Walton (1975)

One of the most recognized alien abduction case of Travis Walton which was turned into a movie was totally strange. In Nov, 1975 on an usual day, Travis Wilton and his crew were returning from day at work when they spotted an unusual silvery disc like thing floating in the sky. Travis Walton made the car stop and followed that unidentified object but that aircraft suddenly came towards Walton and before he could run away the craft abducted Walton by emitting a green blue beam on him and his entire crew fled away of threat. He was found after 5 days of abduction in a very tired state and he said the investigating team that medical experiments were performed on his body all these days and then he was left back. The movie Fire In The Sky which was released in 1993 is based on this true event.


John Salter & Son (1988)

The story is spine chilling but caused no harm to any lives. John Salter and his son were travelling on a lonely highway when they found a UFO like thing approaching after which they just remember the members who were half humans half aliens who were friendly. They remember being safe and at ease even when they were abducted and there was a improvement in overall health of both. Jr.Salter had a permanent scar on his head which had disappeared when they returned after abduction, kinda fascinating yeah?


Kirsan ilymzhinov (1997)

A well known Russian politician and chess guru Kirsan Ilyumzhinov also claims to have been abducted once.
According to him on the night of 17 Sep in 1997 he was dragged by a group of aliens covered in yellow from his
apartment. He was carried into the transparent spaceship to some other planet / star. He could even communicate with them as they had the same mind and vision as we humans.


Frederick Valentich (1978)

When Frederick was just 20 year old flying a flight as trainee in Australia’s Bass Strait, he radioed Melbourne’s Air Traffic Control that there was some huge unusual object flying 1000 feet above him. The control room didn’t take it seriously and that UFO craft was continuously emitting some green light. In no time the flight began to experience some major engine issues and the control room just got the huge crash sound. A four day search operation was carried out but there was no clue of flight or the pilot, may be he is still alive somewhere outside the earth!


Antonio Vilas-Boas (1957)

The story of this Brazilian farmer named Antonio Vilas-Boas is thrilling when in 1957 he was abducted by a group of aliens. According to him hew was abducted by a group of 4 aliens while he was working in fields. The four of them were 5-foot tall all covered in gray with helmets. He was taken to their craft in which they had arrived. He was forced to have sex with the female who looked very weird with long white hairs & red pubic, she had blue eyes. Vilas-Boas said that they might just wanted his sperm to raise a offspring somewhere outside earth.

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Written by Daisy

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