5 Most Deadliest Volcanoes in the World

Mt. Nyiragongo at Democratic Republic of the Congo

Mount Nyiragongo’s 2 km wide crater contains a lava lake whose depth has been measured at 2,975 meters or 9,760 feet. Last Eruption 2002 to present day.


Mt. Merapi at Border of Central Java or Yogyakarta (Indonesia)

Last Eruption: March to April 2014


Mt. Sakurajima at Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan

Last Eruption: 1955 to present


Mt. Vesuvius at Province of Naples, Italy

Last Eruption: 1944


Mt. Eyjafjallajokull at Suourland, Iceland

It has an elevation of 1,666 meters or 5,466 ft and the volcano’s caldera is covered by an ice cap. Last Eruption March to June 2010.

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