Alarming Signs Indicating There Is A Ghost Living In Your House

Unexplained sounds

Apart from the random noises of your house, if you hear weird unexplained noises like an opening of the door knob, footsteps, knocks, a human sound even if you live alone, there might be a supernatural power in your house.


Things vanishing frequently

Some spirits hide your beloved possessions just to make you miserable. At times, people have looked up for their cell phone that was supposed to be on their bed all around their home, only to find it on the bed after they return exhausted.


Electric appliances turning off and on by themselves

Supernatural presence can trigger electromagnetic fields that may result in phenomena like frequent flickering of lights (especially during nights), turning on/off of TV, radio.


Objects in motion

Violently thrown things is a sign of strong supernatural power in your house. A lot of people have witnessed heavy objects floating without any sort of support.


Odd behavior of animals


Animals, especially dogs, and cats are said to be sensitive to souls and spirits. If your pet continuously barks at a blank corner/area or denies to enter your home at a point blank, maybe it’s time to change your home.


Bizarre behavior of kids

Apart from pets, kids are also sensitive to supernatural presence and spirits. Children are an easier target to communicate for souls. Thus, if you notice your child talking to an invisible companion or having a weird behavior, it’s time to investigate more about their friend.

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Written by Daisy

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