Things That Are Making You Age Faster

Sun exposure

Long-term exposure to UV rays weakens skin cells and blood vessels causing a leathery looking skin.


Sleep deprivation

It increases cortisol level and cause collagen formation. According to a study, scientists found sleep deprivation is connected to skin ageing as well.


Holding grudges

keeping you irritated at most times boosting cortisol. You frown every time you see such a person, creating wrinkles, particularly on the forehead.



Smoking ages you faster depriving your skin of the necessary oxygen.


Excessive drinking

When alcohol is taken in excess, it causes dehydration depleting natural moisture from your skin. It also causes a depletion of Vitamin A and C. High intake is associated with skin cancer and can trigger rosacea outbreak.


Feeding sweet tooth

Due to a process called ‘glycation,’ sugar attaches itself to collagen and elastin (proteins needed to keep skin smooth) and destroys itself.

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Written by Daisy

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