Powerful And Easy Home Remedies For Headaches


Ginger locally works against migraines by impeding the synthesis of prostaglandin which is the proximate cause of the migraine. Chewing raw ginger is also effective in nausea.



Cinnamon can help in soothing headaches that hit along with the common cold. Cinnamon being calcium and manganese rich, forms a perfect natural remedy to treat headache and other health issues.


Lavender Lemonade

Lavender alone carries anti-septic and anti-inflammatory characteristics and it helps in lessening headache discomfort. Lemon is the effective and refreshing ingredient that also reduces headaches and hence when these two are combined, they can majorly minimize headache and anxiety.



Whenever brain lacks calcium, it finds difficulty in functioning and which is why headaches tend to occur. So make sure to intake proper amount of calcium enriched foods like yogurt, which is fat-free and a great source of calcium.


Spicy Foods

If seasonal allergies have your head hammering, try going for spicy foods. Spicy food shaves the ability to assuage congestion and sinus pressure which in turn will relieve a sore head.

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Written by Daisy

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