Animals That Have Got Excellent Super Power

Mantis Shrimp

They have excellent vision and humans are merely ordinary in front of the Mantis Shrimp. They have, what we call as ‘trinocular vision.’ Scientists have been using this feature to design CDs, Holograms and DVDs.


Alpine Ibex Mountain Goats

These excellent species of mountain goats are able to climb up walls or rugged terrians without any sort of support.


Cuttle Fish

They may look like ordinary fish underwater, but they are major shapeshifters or camouflage experts. They are like the Mystique of the water world.


Dragon Millipedes

These wonderful species can spit out poisoned cyanide.



These little ones can almost survive in any environmental condition. They can survive without water or food for decades, they will survive huge amounts of radiation waves, and most of all, they can even survive in outer space.


Wood frog

Hibernation is their super power. The wood frogs can freeze their blood and withstand extremely cold environment conditions and manage to hibernate for a lot of time.


Horned Lizards

They have the ability to shoot blood from their eyes.

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Written by Daisy

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