7 Really Bizarre Animals

The Shoebill

This animal is also referred to as a the Shoe-Billed Stock or Whalehead due to the shape of its bill. They are found in the dark marshy lands of East Africa mainly extending from Zambia to Sudan.


Panda Ant

Look at the Panda print on them. Even though its name contains ‘ant’, its actually a species of the wasp. It may look small and cute but this native of Chile has a really bad sting.



This animal may seem like a hybrid between a zebra and a horse, but shockingly it belongs to the giraffe family. It can be found in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Africa.


The Narwhal

Only found in the Arctic ocean, this species of whale looks like a hybrid between a whale and unicorn. It seems pretty mythical owing to its large horn but we wouldn’t want to get in contact with that large horn.


The Red-Lipped Batfish

Native of the Galapagos Islands, one won’t find this species of fish swimming around because it is known to use its pectoral fins to walk at the bottom of the ocean.


Pacu Fish

This fish has human-like teeth in its mouth and is nicknamed, the ball-cutter, for obvious reasons. The Pacu Fish is a native of South America and is closely related to the piranha fish.


Sea Pig

Despite the name, these species have no relation with pigs. They rather resemble sea cucumbers and are found at great depths like 1000 meters of the ocean bottoms. They have large tubed feet and really have a resemblance to pigs.

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Written by Daisy

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