Reasons Why India Does Not Have A Dating Culture

India has a diverse society

India has a colossal caste system, many a religion, numerous languages spoken in the country, and as many as 29 states dividing the nation, too. Unlike western countries where English is spoken by most, if not all, people, the 22 official languages spoken in India can alone be a major barrier that impedes two people from getting along with each other. Therefore, no matter how strong the urge is, there are numerous aspects to consider when finding a match from a different background altogether, making the person think twice and often, forcing a change in mindset.


Prolonged educational careers

As Indians, we also give massive respect to education and leading a disciplined life. Parents, at any cost, are steadfast in providing their children with education in the hope that it gets them better careers. Thus, once a child reaches three years of age, he or she gets admitted into a school to kick-start their educational lives, which, in most cases, last till the individual turns 21 or 22.


Indians take too long to become independent


It takes Indians too long, if at all they do get independent at some stage, to support themselves and lead what you call a truly independent life.


Close family ties

When blessed with a boy or girl child, the father, almost all the time, is the provider for the family and continues to be for as long as his son or daughter starts earning and subsequently takes the baton from him.


Why to get into trouble?

Predominantly in our culture, parents take pride in finding a match for their son or daughter and have been more than happy to do so for ages now. When you have been afforded that luxury by your parents, there is little necessity to go out and search for a partner on your own, contending with the aspects such as fear of rejection, coming off as desperate and finding yourself mentally out of place.


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Written by Daisy

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