Great culture of Spain which other countries fails to Have

Celebrating public holidays

They hit the parties at bars & restaurants by making the most out of a public holiday.


Take rest when you feel tired

Unlike other corporate cultures, if you are working in Spain then you can take a nap in the afternoon just to overcome the tiredness.


Living with the family

Spaniards believe in living with family. They tend to stick with the family during their college years, after marriage & even when they get old. They don’t believe in the theory of being an independent family person.


Having conversation on the dinner table

Unlike other countries, Spaniards spend hours for talking with each other after completing the dinner. Such a Wow Culture!


Better Food

When you order a drink in Spanish bars, it often comes with a variety of snacks, cuisines & sauces. This is because you can have the full advantage of the food you’re eating.


You can party at any time

Spaniards are ruling the world when it comes to the party. You can party at any time in Spain. A typical party begins around 10 p.m, followed by enjoying in bars & clubs around 2 a.m & then ending up the party at 5 a.m with searing Doner kebab. Even if they have to work tomorrow, they know how to cope up with it by having a party blast at night.

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Written by Daisy

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