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Common Problems Left-Handed People Face

Accessory Shopping

Most of the console controllers are seem to have been made with right-handers in mind. For example, Point pens, measuring tapes, watches, etc.  Even the gaming console controller as well seemed meant for right-handers, where most of the key action buttons are found on the right side, forcing a left-handed person to suffer.


A left hander always has to worry about bumping elbows with his right-handed neighbors at his table or bench. Those spiral-bound notebook/binders are no help either, as they have to place their hands on top of the steel spirals in order to write anything, failing to write neatly.

Social Norms

Not extending their right hand to shake hands with a person, and other activities like handing-out money with your left hand, not eating with left hand ans so on, which are all hoops lefties have to jump though.


Left hand guitarists have to flip strings around on a right handed guitar, but it is not that much simple as almost every component must be changed accordingly, and they are usually more expensive and harder to come across.

White Boards and Chalk 

Left handers have difficulties like they would either rub out everything they write practically as they write it or they would somehow get through it, however, they walk away with a smudged-up palm.

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Written by Daisy

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