Reasons Why We Should Stop Judging People Right Away

1. Everybody is fighting their own battles

Everyone is continuously battling both their inner and outer worlds simultaneously. So, it’s not fair to judge a person merely on what they say and how they react.


2. To know someone, you need to know their past

Your practicality and reasoning may differ from another person’s, as their struggles and upbringing are different from yours.

3. Judging someone is easy but to understand someone requires patience

All you guys needed was a friendly talk every evening to know each other well.

4. It creates enmity and destroys relationships

Most of the our relationships stand on the pillars of faith and honesty. When we judge, these aged pillars break down and bringing the relationships into ashes.

5. People will always try judge you, so let them

What do you think?

Written by Daisy

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