10 outrageous Ingredients In Your Daily Cosmetics that are really coarse

1. Bull semen

Bull’s ejaculation serves as a protein-laden component of the expensive conditioner that we use.

2. Infant foreskin

You dont even believe it, but, Infant foreskin is one of the constituents of face cream.

3. Whale puke

Whale’s vomit and (in some cases) whale excreta is used in perfumes.

4. Crushed beetles

Crushed beetles  are used as the glossy lipstick.
And notably, Starbucks has admitted to using crushed beetles in their coffee.

5. Shark liver oil

Squalene, extracted from shark liver, is used in moisturisers. Not just that, squalene from sharks is also credited as a cancer-preventing substance.

6. Snail goo

Snails secretions are rich in glycolic acid and elastin. Both glycolic acid and elastin work like magic on your skin and are used in high end facial creams.

7. Dynamite

Diatomaceous earth is a rock that is soft enough to be crumbled into a powder. It’s mild nature makes it suitable for cosmetic use. However, in dynamite form, it is used to stabilize nitroglycerin.

8. Urea

Urea was used in fairness creams till the 1950s.

9. Bird droppings

Bird poop spawns multi-purpose skincare product.

10. Dead algae

Dead algae or diatomaceous earth is used as a skin cleaner and exfoliating body scrub. The gooey algae is also used in facials and treats acne too.

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Written by Daisy

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