Fashion Trends From All Around The World

The Ushanka from Russia

If you visit Russia, you won’t leave without buying this hat.


The Sombrero Vueltiao from Columbia

Sombrero Vueltiao is one of the most handy fashion and has a monochromatic design. It can be even  folded in a way that you can carry it in your pocket.


The Dirndl from Austria

Dirndl is popular among older women and the notable feature of this dress is the way its knot is tied tells a woman’s marital status.


The Poncho from Chile

The  simplest of all fashion trends. An easy way to keep warm.


The Beret from France

In the early 20s, the French transformed this military headgear into a fashion accessory.


Clogs from the Netherlands

This smart idea of wooden shoes is a multi-purpose fashion item. Once in become old and worn out, people burn them and use them for cooking and keeping the house warm.


The Gele from Nigeria

Gele is a head accessory tied together using stiff yet bendable Doek cloth, that comes in a variety of bright, beautiful colors. It is mainly wore by elderly women but has become a fashion statement among young women, too.

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Written by Daisy

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