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9. Weird New Year Traditions From Around The World

1. The Spanish believe eating one grape for every stroke of the midnight hour will bring good luck for each month of the coming year.


2.In Colombia, people walk around with empty pieces of luggage hoping for a travel-filled year


3. In Johannesburg, the locals start the New Year by throwing old appliances and furniture out their windows


4. In Peru, people fist fight to settle their differences and start the New Year on a clean slate


5. Estonians make it a point to eat (or drink) seven times on New Year’s Day to ensure plenty of food in the coming year


6. In Romania, people put on bear costumes and furs and dance to keep evil at bay. Romanian farmers try to hear their animals talk for good luck for the coming year


7. In Japan, they ring all of their bells 108 times to bring cleanness. They also believe in smiling their way into the New Year as a sign of good luck


8. Mexicans believe that New Year’s eve is the best time to communicate with the spirits of dead loved ones, ask for guidance, convey messages and such


9. Siberians cut holes in the frozen Lake Baikal and dive in with tree trunks to plant trees at the bottom of the lake

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