Scientific Reasons Behind 8 Popular Hindu Traditions

1. Bells in the temples


Before entering the temple people ring bells. This is yet another popular tradition and there is even a reason behind it. It is said that the bell makes a sound that keeps the evil forces away and is pleasant to the God. But, the scientific reason behind it is that the sound clears our mind and increases our concentration. It creates unity in the right and left part of the brain and activates all the 7 healing centers of the human brain.


2. Namaskar

In Hindu tradition people greet by saying “Namaskar”. There is also a scientific reason behind it. When you greet someone by joining hands, all the finger tips are pressed that activates the pressure points of ears, eyes and mind.


3. Starting the meal with spice and ending with dessert

It is always emphasized that meals should be started with something spicy and you should consume sweets at the end. There is also a scientific reason behind it. When you start with something spicy, it activates the digestive juices and make sure that the digestion process is carried on properly, and consuming sweets at end pulls down the process of digestion.


4. Applying Henna on hands and feet


Apart from lending great color to the hand and feet, henna is also a great medicinal herb. Weddings in India are full of tiresome tasks and stressful, so application of henna can prevent the stress in the minds of Bride and Groom. It can cool their minds and prevents the nerves from becoming tense.


 5. Not sleeping with the head towards North

It is said that sleeping with the head towards north invites death, but according to science one should not sleep with head towards north direction as the body also has its own magnetic field, whereas the Earth is a giant magnet too. When a person sleeps with head towards north, his body’s magnetic field becomes asymmetrical to the Magnetic field of the Earth and it causes blood pressure and other issues.


6. Worshiping Peepal Tree

‘Peepal’ tree does not have delicious fruit, and it’s wood is also not too strong. But, this tree is worshiped. There is a reason behind it too. Peepal is the only tree that produces oxygen also at night. So, to save this unique tree attributing to its great property it has been related to god.


7.Piercing Ears

Piercing the ears is crucial according to the Indian Mythology. It is because of the reason that this aids in the intellectual development, development of thinking and improvement of decision making. It also helps the ear channels to become free of disorders. It has so many benefits associated that even Western world has adopted this and have got their ears pierced.


8. Toe Ring

toe ring

Most of Hindu women wear toe rings. It is not that only the married women wear toe rings, there is a science behind this too. The toe rings are normally worn on the second toe, it is because a specific nerve from that second finger connects the uterus and also passes to the heart. When you war toe ring your uterus is strengthened and the blood flow is regulated too.

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Written by Daisy

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