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7 Awesome Facts About Dreams That You Did Not Know

1. Inventions inspired by the dreams

There are many inventions that are inspired by dreams such as:
• Periodic table by Dimitri Mendeleyev
• Sewing machine by Elias Howe
• Idea for Google by Larry Page
• Alternating current generator by Tesla and many more.


2. All cannot remember dreams

Some people say that they do not dream. But, it is not true. Everyone dreams, but only some can remember it. Around more than 60% of people are unable to remember their dreams.


3. We dream only of the faces that we know

We dream only of the faces that we know and not of strangers. You can only dream of faces that you have seen in the real life. So, beware the scary looking man whom you saw at the bus stop can be in your next nightmare.


4. Some people even dream in black and white

Around 12% of people do not dream in color, they dream in black and white.


5. Multiple dreams

A person can have as many as 7-8 dreams per night.


6. Dreams are very often negative

Dreams are mostly negative. Dreams mostly include the feelings of anger, fear or sadness.


7. Animals dream too

You thought only you dream, but the pets dream too. Watch your dog or cat closely when they sleep. You will find them moving their paws or making some noises.

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Written by Daisy

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