8 Companies That Pamper Their Employees

1. Infosys offers bus, cab as well as cycle services to around 1.79 lakh employees.


2. SAP Lab Company Bangalore allows its employees to leave from office at their own sweet will. Also, the employees have been granted permission to work from home once in a week.


3. KPMG India allows its employees to work from anywhere, whether home or from vacation.


4. The electronics company Philips gives its employees a chance to work from home. They understand that due to road jams, there can be a delay in reaching office and thus employees are given an option to work from home on those days.


5. Microsoft’s Hyderabad branch has buses and cabs facilities for its employees.


6. The Future Group gives its employees permission to reach the office premises anytime between 8:30 to 10:30.


7. PWC decides its location according to the employees’ needs and suitability. They make sure that their offices are located in such places that most of the employees are benefited by the location.

8. AmEx South Asia’s Delhi branch has started a No car on Tuesday campaign and employees are told to travel by public means. It is a step towards pollution control.

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Written by Daisy

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