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Top 6 Must Have Social Etiquettes

You should make it a point to return the money borrowed from people as quick as possible. Taking a loan from someone and keeping it due for a long period of time is not socially acceptable.

Turning up at someone’s house unexpectedly is usually not welcomed by the hosts. Until and unless, you have a surprise planned for some special occasion you should always inform the person before hand and then pay them a visit.

The metro stations in India are always packed with public. People stick to the door in order to get an entry. You should always leave space for the ones who are about to get down from the metro and then take a step forward to board the metro yourself.

Offering a glass of water to the guest in your house is something which should be done by one and all. Asking the person for water is not required but you should approach them with a glass of water after a few minutes of their entering your house.

Watching a movie at the cinema multiplexes silently is something that portrays your class. You should not keep chattering over your phone. Whistling and clapping on several scenes from the movie is usually looked down by other folks in the theater.

You should always offer your seats to elderly people while travelling in a bus/metro. Whenever you come across any person who is in need of a seat in the bus/metro you should immediately offer yours to him/her and this will make you feel good.

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