5 Totally Crazy Inventions By Japan

1. Face Slimmer Mouth Piece

Face slimmer is a mouth piece which shapes overall look of the face. It is used 3 to 4 minutes per day with vowel exercise. It stretches and molds the face when one speaks wearing it.


2. Female Lap Pillow

Most funny Japanese invention. This is specially for lonely guys who badly needs lap of a lady, but this lap is made up of foam to make it more comfortable. This pillow is also wearing a skirt and looks like a women’s lap and gives warm experience.


3. Motoman Sda10

A very helpful Japanese robot. It is a dual- arm robot with amazing human like capacity for speedy and easy work. Its designed to cook Japanese pan cakes. Yummy robot made pancakes.


4. Vending Machine Dress

A Japanese garment designed by Aya Tsukioka to save women against rapes and other attacks. It is a skirt which turns into vending machine be fooling attackers. Much useful.


5. Square Watermelons

Square watermelons are grown in boxes so that they maintain square shape. They are harvested before ripening. Their cost is high because they are sold as decorative watermelons.

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Written by Daisy

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