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Things That Go Through Our Mind When We Get A Call From An Unknown Number

1. “An unknown number? I bet it’s some guy trying to sell me another credit card that I don’t need.”

Unknown Number


2. “Oh God! Please, let this be a call from that company I just applied to. I really need a new job.”

unknown number


3. “U.S. number? Whom do I know in the U.S.?”

unknown number


4. 5 missed calls from an unknown number at 2:30 a.m.

I bet it is my stalker ex-boyfriend trying to get in touch with me again. !

unknown number


5. “Hmm, it seems like a call from my telephone operator. Did I forget to pay my bill again?”

unknown number


6. “What if it’s that loser from school who always wanted to date trying to call me!

unknown number


7. “This number seems to be from Bombay. Could it be a big production studio calling to sign me up for a movie?”

unknown number




What do you think?

Written by Daisy

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