Stunning International Dance Forms

Hip-Hop dance

It encompasses a number of styles like breaking, locking, popping which were found in the 1970s and got much popular in the United States.


Yangko dance

This form got originated from China and so it is part of their culture. This embraces swaying of the body to specific rhythms.



Kathak is one of the eight forms of Indian classical dances emanated from India. This dance form detects its origins to the nomadic bards of old northern India, known as Kathakars or storytellers.


Belly dance

It is a misnomer as every other part of the body is used up in dance but the most featured body part involve ‘hips’.


Gangnam style

This dance phrase is a Korean neologism that points to a lifestyle linked with the Gangnam District of Seoul.


Break dance or B-boying

B-boying or B-girling is another kind of street dancing style that got popularized by Michale Jackson. It encompasses four elements – top rock, down rock, power moves and freezes. This dance form calls for strength, balance, skill.



It is also called performance dance. It originated in Italy but developed in France and Russia and changed to concert dance.

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