Common Reasons Why People Dislike Tattoos

A lot of people already have it

If you just want to be unique and look like a special snowflake, then having tattoo really isn’t going to put you into the top,¬†because everyone else seems to be doing it.


People will judge you a lot

Yes, people will criticize others for everything they do or not do. But, that also means that having a tattoo leaves you open to the remarks of others. You might have a good reason, but people will immediately judge.


Getting old and wrinkly

Most people don’t remove the tattoos, and they get old with them. Actually you will get old, wrinkly, and your awesome tattoos will look tired and worn out.


Chinese and Japanese words that are basic

Imagine a world where the Japanese, Chinese, or the South Koreans had tattoos with English words like “plant” or “waffle” or something similar. It’s incredibly fun to us, but it’s not rare to have person from the West have a similarly basic Japanese or Chinese term inked on them.


Others would rather go to a birthing class

Giving birth is still more painful than having a tattoo. But, others actually prefer to go to a birthing class and experience that scenario than getting inked.

What do you think?

Written by Daisy

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