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Benefits Of Yoga And Meditation

1. Yoga is believed to increase one’s immunity


2. Meditating for a minimum of fifteen minutes each day is said to reduce insomnia and restore better sleep


3. Heart patients are said to benefit the most from yoga with their problems being reduced drastically


4. Meditation is highly powerful in reducing depressive symptoms


5. Various exercises involved in yoga are intended towards helping in better breathing. These postures are great for people facing problems with their lungs and nasal passage


6. Ever noticed why people doing yoga everyday and meditating once in a while have a natural glow on their face.


7. Meditation is a procedure of opening up the conscious and subconscious levels of your mind. This in turn helps improve memory


8. People with high blood pressure can easily get rid of compulsory medication by devoting half an hour towards meditation and a little more time towards yoga.


9. Apart from healing major psychological problems, yoga and meditation also treat emotional instability

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Written by Daisy

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