8 Pretty Interesting Reasons Behind Wearing Ornaments

1. Rings

If you wear a ring on your ring finger, let us tell you that it can keep your heart healthy. And if you wear one on your thumb, that one may possibly be making you a happier person! Interestingly, rings are not worn on the middle finger, as they tend to confuse the brain.


2. Nose rings

Read Ayurveda and you will find that if the nose is pierced at the right node, it can help a woman reduce her menstrual cramps. May this can be a little inspiring for those who are still in two minds about getting their noses pierced. Another interesting belief is that if a girl gets her nose pierced on the left side, she will have less trouble at the time of child birth.


3. Mangalsutra

A mangalsutra is not just another necklace, not for a Hindu woman. Believers hold that it is worn to attract divine and isn’t merely symbolic of marriage. The two hollow cups are not just for the look, they are supposed to be there to direct the positive energies to one focal point. The mechanism, it is believed, helps regulate your blood circulation and also keeps you sound and healthy.


4. Bangles


5. Waistband

Wearing waist band was pretty common until few decades ago. Nowadays, it is only a piece of wedding jewelry. The waist band, it is said, can be very effective in regulating the menstrual cramps. And if you get one in silver, you have got yourself a mechanism in place to keep belly fat under control.


6. Anklets

An anklet is one of the most beautiful pieces of jewelry in a woman’s treasure box. Silver anklets, it is believed, can help you retain your energy. You also get relief from joint pains and the soothing sound makes you a happier person!


7. Toe rings

Did you know that the nerves in the second toes are connected to the uterus and also reach up to the heart? A toe ring, many believe, can help in conceiving and control your blood pressure too. No wonder newly married women are made to wear them, to keep them cool.


8. Earrings

It is a ritual for girls and also for boys in some communities. The nerves in the ears are connected to the eyes and it is believed that pierced ears can result in better eyesight!

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Written by Daisy

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