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6 Best Fat Burning Foods


Tomatoes are very low in calories and hep your body to burn fat and keep of the fat in the long term. Tomatoes contain fibre, which help to create and maintain healthy bowels, while tomatoes help your body to feel full, meaning that you are less likely to reach for junk food to help satisfy hunger later in the day.



Many of us crave potatoes in some form such as fried, mashed or baked. However, regular potatoes are very high in stark and can lead to weight gain, especially if we give into our cravings for fries on a regular basis. The good news is that sweet potatoes can actually aid weight gain and simply swapping regular potatoes for their sweet cousin is an easy way to lose weight.



The good news for meat lovers is that you do not need to become vegetarian or vegan to lose weight and look great. If you find the chicken breast to be a little but bland, you can jazz it up a little by adding a touc of spice. Spices such as chilli and cinnamon also help to burn fat. You can rub these spices into your chicken breast before grilling it or baking it in the oven to add extra flavor while also enhancing the fat burning properties.



If you go ape for bananas, you will be pleased to discover that this is the perfect fruit to indulge in if you want to burn fat.



This amazing drink can really help your body to burn fat fast, unlike coffee or regular tea, you can safely drink as many cups of green tea a day as you wish and you should still have no trouble sleeping. Most experts recommend drinking four to six cups of green tea a day, and this drink is particularly effective when consumed with a meal.



Other great fat burning foods include almonds, peanut butter, fatty fish such as tuna, grapefruit and chilli peppers. If you want to burn fat and lose weight fast, it is a good idea to combine several of the top fat burning foods into healthy meals that you can enjoy at any time of the day. For example, try making a green smoothie from almond milk and spinach and add a banana and a handful of berries to create an easy fat burning meal that you can enjoy at any time.

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