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5 Lazy Kinds Of Stuff We Love To Do But Won’t Accept Ever!

1. Throwing trash in the dustbin!

We either throw it their itself or our aiming power is so strong that we aim to sit from the place itself and who cares later where it goes!


2. Damn lazy to go to the kitchen

We are hungry, but we don’t want to go to the kitchen to get our food. We keep asking what is for dinner but won’t go to take it.


3. Folding clothes

This is the laziest part I guess. Even washing clothes do not give that pain which we get when the time comes to fold those clothes. Life will be easier if we need not fold them.


4. Too lazy to cook!

Although we are hungry, and we have all the ingredients, who will cook? Spending half an hour on cooking and then we are no hungrier! So what’s the use of such cooking? Home delivery! Our savior!


5. Pouring water in the glass!

This is so correct! We are too lazy to find a glass and pour water in it. It’s better to have it directly from the bottle.

What do you think?

Written by Daisy

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