10 Reasons why Scorpio Astro Sign people are most Intense than others

1. Scorpions value the Truth

If you want to be a friend or partner with scorpions, you must be very careful not to say lie. If you lose your confidence, very likely you’ll never get them back as your friend.

2. Your positive or negative side is usually very intense

They are so passionate in all stages of his life, for better or for worse can potentiate it. They tend to be very extreme, there are only two options with them, or you’re with them and you are the best friend or you’re on the other side, they hate you or just you don’t exist

3. Scorpions are more possessive, jealous and at the same time very protective

Scorpions are so passionate that they take shelter from any possible threat against their relationship. Also they would be very protective, resulting in indulgent behavior, and can be wonderful for their partners.

4.  Scorpions have a censorious eye

Scorpions show you a complete and comprehensive analysis of the situation. You might not even expect it, but they will be cautious globally behind the diplomacy, courtesy and an apparent detachment from what is happening around.

5. They are usually very emotional

Scorpio generally addicted on their emotions. Friends of them would be very happy or in complicated situation.This sensitivity can lead to to be affected by their immediate environment. They can hurt or get hurt easily.

6. Imaginative and instinctive

Scorpions would be fairly instinctive and imaginative, which in labor issues can be quite useful. These duly potentiated skills can help them to lead a high positions in the workplace or business.

7. Wilful in achieving their goals

Once they have fixed a goal,  it will be impossible to dissuade them. They have a great ability to achieve their dream. And they are worthy representatives of the effort and stubbornness when they want to win.

8. They protect themselves from wariness

It’s not easy to win their trust, they are always watching and building a fence on which they are not vulnerable. They are not easy to get attached, however, when you succeed you will have a friend or partner for life.

9. They love accompany but at the same time they are independent

Scorpions nature called to handle any situations on their own. But they like accompanied with someone close to them unlike what you’d think not seek isolation.

10. They never be quite

They may have strong opinions and hard enough at a time of great stress. The best practice is to run away if you feel that volcano is about to erupt.



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Written by Daisy

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