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5 Things You Should Know About Your Girl

1. Introduce her to your friends as your girlfriend

About Your Girl

Your girl is ready to go to any extent to keep the flare in your relationship alive. She will never stand it if you introduce her to your friends calling her an acquaintance or ‘just friend’. She demands that position in your life and also expects you to respect her status in your life.


2. She demands your attention

Leave your girl unattended for a second when she is not ‘okay’ and boom! You are gone. She wants you by her side when she is not in the right state of mind. Help her cool down, pamper her, spend some time with her, listen to whatever she wants to share and soon she will melt in your arms.


3. Keep showering compliments

If you really love your girl, then you must be fascinated by her many attributes. Keep praising her every now and then. Let her know what you feel about her, tell her she is gorgeous. She is not greedy, but a pinch of love here and there gives her solace. Maybe it will help her in getting more beautiful.


4. No secrets, No lies

Your girl demands loyalty in the relationship. Maybe you are not cheating on her but if you don’t share your life’s happenings with her she counts it as a lie. Girls are very possessive about their partners and they cannot afford to get cheated or lied upon.


5. She loves to spend

Girls and shopping go hand in hand. You should by now know that your girl is no different in this regard. She loves to spend and she does not care about your money. Let her shop, let her spend because she expects you to fulfil her desires and not to behave like a miser.

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Written by Daisy

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