Valuable Laptop Hacks Every One Should Know

Using Sticky Notes to remove dirt between keys

Easiest and cheapest way to remove dirt between keys of the keyboard.


Protect Your Vision (PYI)

PYI follows the 20-20-20 rule. It is based on the idea of taking break from your laptop every 20 minutes to let your eyes relax. In every gap of 20 minutes, look at some other object, situated at 20 feet from you for 20 seconds.


Egg crates provide ventilation and prevent overheating of laptop

Don’t throw away the crates. Mount your laptop on them. They provide proper ventilation to the laptop and are pretty much helpful in case of overheating.


f.lux makes the computer adapt display according to different time of the day and sunlight intensity

It manages the display parameters of the laptop screen according to the laptop surroundings as well as Sun’s position in the sky.


Getting ants out of your Laptop

Keep the laptop in Sun. The ants might leave the device due to heat, but it generally takes time. Keeping sugar cubes near the laptop is also another option. DON’T USE BUG SPRAY. Best method would be to use a blow dryer. You can also try using laptop on low battery, as laptop emits excess heat when the battery is low. That may drive out the ants.

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