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Things That No One Tells You When You First Step into College

1. You will have to re-create yourself. People here don’t know you, your interests, your passion, your dreams etc. You will build yourselves for people again, and create your identity.



2. There comes a time when you will lose sight of what you wanted, and why you wanted it. Your career aspirations might seem to go downhill from the moment you witness others exactly like you, going after the same goals.


3. All of a sudden there will be a million little responsibilities from what to study, when to study, what books to buy…and all that. Your professors will merely be a presence and will never run after you, the way your teachers did.


4. People will not call you to join them, and the spirit of a common group for your life might get a little lost. You will have to socialise on your own, whenever and whoever you get the chance with.


5. You will miss school. Like hell. Like you’ve never missed anything before.


start of the school


6. You will have to study. Either at the start of the semester, in between, or the night before your exam. College might be fun, but it’s also a lot of work.

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Written by Daisy

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