The Way You Sleep Says A Lot About Your Personality


The Foetus (41%):

If you prefer the fetal position while you’re dosing off, you’re part of the 41% of people who sleep this way, according to sleep specialist Chris Idzikowski. It’s the most common and preferred way of sleeping.

This position is preferred by people who have a tough exterior shell but who are in fact very shy and sensitive on the inside. Overthinking and worrying are two traits that fetal position sleepers possess.


The Log (15%):

The log position is the second most popular position among sleepers.

Those who sleep like this are very social and easygoing people who prefer to hang around an A-list crowd. Log sleepers are very trusting which can come across as being gullible.


The Yearner (13%):

The yearner and the log look fairly similar but the yearner has their arms outstretched in front of them.

Studies show that people who choose to sleep this way are inviting and open but can also be suspicious and cynical. They also aren’t the best at making decisions and take their sweet time, but once they make up their minds, they’re extremely stubborn in changing it.


The Soldier (8%):

All those who sleep stiff on their back tend to be the strong, silent types who don’t like a lot of drama. They’re serious and structured, which includes having high expectations for themselves and the people they surround themselves with. Those who sleep on their back like this tend to be snorers.
The Freefaller (7%):
The freefaller sleeps on their stomachs with their head to the side and their arms wrapped around the pillow. These people have open and playful personalities, but they can also come off as brash. Even though they may seem free-spirited, they’re secretly anxious and enjoy being in control. Freefallers are also sensitive to the criticism of others. According to professor Idzikowski, this position is also good for digestion.
The Starfish (5%):
This is the least popular of all the sleeping positions. These people sleep on their back with their legs stretched out and their arms stretched out near their head.

Those who sleep like this are loyal friends and keep friendships a top priority in their lives. They’re good listeners and will go out of their way to help others.



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Written by Daisy

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