Most Common Beauty Myths Revealed

1. Looking beautiful will automatically make you popular.

It’s not always a guarantee that pretty looks will make you popular. The impression you give to others is not always determined by the beauty. The way you relate and handle or participate in issues and engage with others will determine how popular you are.


2. Brushing through your hair hundred times will make your hair look shiny and healthier.

Brushing your hair so many times will not make it healthier or shiner but it might break depending on the hair of an individual. This concept is not true even though some people still believe that way. Brushing is only essential in straightening your hair.


3. When having a dry skin you are likely to have wrinkles

Having a dry skin is not associated with skin wrinkles. Skin wrinkles are associated with age and weight loss. When people get older their skin wrinkles with time depending on the individuals age even though this is not always the case. Sometimes the skin wrinkles when they lose weight and the skin is left sagging thereby having some wrinkles too. Dry skin may be because of health complication or lack of proper skin care for the naturally dry skin.


4. Trimming your hair more often will make your hair grow faster

Normally one would trim the hair to avoid looking shaggy and at times saving one from the hustles of having to comb your hair. When you trim your hair it will grow the same rate as it had grown before no matter the number of times you do it over and over. It never grow faster for having trimmed it so many times.


5. Cheap products work the same way as expensive ones work

The way in which products work is not always the same in terms of their price. Some retails sell cosmetics at higher prices which in turn gives the impression that they work best. A cheap product may work best compared to an expensive one of a different brand. In other cases an expensive product can better compared to a cheaper one. Their quality and how they work may not necessarily be the same despite their different prices.


6. Oily skin can be controlled by cosmetics

Oily skin in most cases is usually a natural skin condition. Application of cosmetics may work at time s for some people but not always.

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Written by Daisy

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