Facebook Expands Basic Services Across India

Facebook has taken a key step in expanding the reach of its, now called as Free Basics, in India with Reliance Communications which agrees to move on the Free Basic Services across the country. More people in India have access to free Internet services now.

Telecom major Bharti Airtel and Facebook also announced the launch of free internet access service platform recently across 17 African countries in phases by March 2016.

The service was delivered in collaboration with telecom operators, who allows access to online content on “basics” like health, education and employment and the users are not charged for the data used. Currently, it was made available only in six states, namely Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, Kerala and Telangana.

Facebook founder Zuckerberg, during his last visit to India, said that he supported net-neutrality for 100%, but said that he also strongly backed zero-rating.



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Written by Daisy

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