Coolest Products Of 2015 You Would Crave To Own

A light that can uplift your mood.

Lucis cubes are incredibly cool and powerful LED lights that can last for ages (80 hours) and can change into millions of different colors.



A collar that keeps your dog safe

Buddy is a fully integrated LED dog collar that tracks your dog using GPS and also lights up so that your dog stays visible.


Flashlight with no batteries

Lumen, an ‘eternal’ flashlight  is powered by the heat of your body.




Headphones that you wear above your ears

With ‘BATBAND’ you can listen to music and be aware of your surroundings at the same time.You get to hear twice as much without compromising the comfort , quality or style.


A perfect solution for snoring

‘Nora’ comes with an insert that you can place you can place under your pillow. The insert gently moves your pillow and stops you from snoring as you fall asleep.

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Written by Daisy

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