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7 Types Of Lips And The Personality Traits They Reveal. And What’s Yours?

1. Thin lips

Both the upper and lower lips are thin; they may or may not have a pronounced Cupid’s bow. These lips usually belong to unsocial people who like to stay in control of their situation. They are known to have a high drive to succeed and can be ruthless to get there. They have a soft side that they rarely reveal.


2. Goldilocks lips

These lips are neither too thin nor too thick; they don’t have a very pronounced Cupid’s bow either. People with these lips are considered to be very undemanding and level-heading. They are rational beings who are considerate of other’s feelings and make good life partners.


3. Heart Shaped lips

With a pronounced Cupid’s bow and full lower lips, these people are strong willed and independent. Women with this kind of lips are passionate and even glamorous. Heart-shaped lips reveal an artistic, creative, intelligent and energetic personality. These people are often very witty.


4. Full lips

These lips are noticeable for their thickness much like round lips; however, they have a more prominent lip shape and aren’t merely round. These lips show a compassionate and helpful personality. These people are strong and competent. They make good friends and great parents.


5. Plump center

These lips are more thick and full at the center, specially on the upper lip. Such people are natural performers and enjoy being the center of attention. They are very dramatic and their relationships suffer many ups and downs. Women with these lips like being constantly pampered.


6. Wide lips

Wide lips cover a good portion of the lower half of the face. They are usually wide in length and sometimes in breadth.  Such people have an extroverted nature. They are good at making friends and are non-conformists. They have leadership potential and are driven to be perfect.


7. Round lips

These lips are almost circular in shape and are very prominent on the face. Women with these sort of lips are charismatic and have an adventurous streak. People with such lips are usually very confident and also risk-takers; therefore they can reach the heights of success or end up miserable failures.

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Written by Daisy

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