7 Disney Villains We Had unfathomable Crushes On

1. Scar

Scar is an animated Lion but too,  despite his cunning ways, his humour (courtesy of actor Jeremy Irons) makes this crush more unfathomable.

2. Shan Yu

Mulan villain Shan Yu is probably one of the most merciless and ruthless villains we’ve ever seen. But too we love him.

3. Gaston

Gaston may be a bit arrogant and an overall idiot. But too we look at those biceps and enjoy it.

4. Jafar

Jafar’s groomed goatee and raspy voice is vaguely attractive.

5. Hades

Hades may be Lord of The Underworld, however, his humour and wit would certainly win us over to fall for him.

6. Captain Hook

You can’t deny that Peter Pan’s arch rival has a bad dress sense. And his flowing locks and groomed facial hair make us laugh and enjoy.

7. Edgar

This would be the weirdest crush of all. Edgar may be the evil butler, but his catering skills are wonderful, means he must be able to make a mean cup of tea.

What do you think?

Written by Daisy

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